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C77, I-91 S @ Bina Ave (n/o Exit 34)
C10, I-84 W @ RT-44 (Middle Tpk W) (w/o Exit 59)
C18, I-84 W @ RT-15 to I-91 S (Exit 57)
C108, I-91 N @ RT-9 N On-Ramp to I-91 N (s/o Exit 23)
C36, I-84 E @ Mayflower St (w/o Exit 43)
C4, I-84 W @ RT-30 (Deming St) (Exit 63)
C78, I-91 S @ RT-159 (Windsor Ave) (Exit 34)
C32, I-84 E @ Prospect Ave (Exit 44)
C120, CT-2 E @ High St (Exit 5A)
C14, I-84 W e/o Simmons Rd (Exit 58)